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About Us

FIRST LOGIC's training courses are all tailored and designed with you in mind. Our specialty courses and boot camps provide a highly focused learning experience and our overview classes help you keep up-to-date on developments throughout the industry.

All FIRST LOGIC courses are designed by specialists recognized in their industry for their expertise. Our course materials, classes offered and focus topics are continuously updated to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the workplace.

Our unique course structure has proven to be most effective in knowledge transfer to all levels of students.


Since our start in 2002, FIRST LOGIC has had thousands of individuals from a variety of organizations and colleges around the world take part in our world-class education, seminars and training courses. We understand that every individual and business has a variety of needs and we offer an array of flexible programs to meet these specific needs. We are committed to providing educational excellence and high quality service to our customers.We provide global training, education and consulting services for industrial automation, engineering,just to name a few .

Our Mission

To provide an opportunity for all learners to get into suitable industries with highly knowledge an industrial automation.

Our Vision

To build a sustainable growth in producing the skilled personnel in the area of industrial automation by updating our technical skills and creating satisfaction to the learners.